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"A Story For Another Time"
"A Story For Another Time"
encaustic and mixed media on cradled wood panel

In this encaustic series I am exploring opposites and juxtapositions: Light against dark, precise lines alongside torn edges, smooth and rough, chaos and control whether the wax is fused with a light kiss from a torch or a heavy iron dragged through the wax. I often begin a piece with script in charcoal, this is mostly covered with encaustic paint and torn strips of paper that I have stained. I work in many layers, often tucking things into the wax or masking something out, sometimes repeating the entire process. It’s completely process driven, a dialogue of responses and reactions. The resulting surfaces are thick & translucent, marred & textured, riddled with secrets.

Encaustic (bees wax & damar resin), water media, ink, paper, vintage finds, gesso and oil on extra thick cradled wood panel. Lots of texture and inclusions in this series. The surfaces are very thick and textured.
Signed, dated and titled on the back. The edges are painted gray with areas of drippy wax. Hanging wire included, ready to hang!

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