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"Stacks No. 9"
"Stacks No. 9"
encaustic and mixed media on wood

Each little shape is hand cut and then hand stained. They are then suspended between layers of clear encaustic medium to create a thick translucent surface which draws the viewer into the piece. When the wax is fused into the paper the paper shapes become translucent.

Encaustic (bees wax & damar resin), water media, ink & paper on a 11x14 wood panel, mounted on a painted wood panel (16x20) in a white frame (17.5x21.5"x1.75" - total measurements including frame - no glass). Signed, dated and titled on the back. Ready to hang!

Frames are a personal preference, I frame everything in white to highlight the artwork for photographs, the white frame is included for free (and makes the dimensions slightly larger than 16x20) - it is your choice to keep it in the white frame (I think they are lovely!) or to reframe in a frame that suits your personal taste